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Our experienced editors rigorously review and improve your writing. Our intuitive editing and accurate proofreading add real, measurable improvements to the quality of your writing.

How we’ll edit and proofread your document

Our experienced editors are available 24/7/365 to rigorously review and comprehensively improve your writing.

Microsoft Word Microsoft Word’s Track Changes

We use Word’s Track Changes feature to highlight our amendments. We have alternative options for other formats, including PDF and LaTeX.

Improved style and appropriate register

We improve your style, diction and tone to ensure that your document is written in the appropriate register.

I’ve changed “needn’t occur” to “is unnecessary” to enhance the formality of the text. In general, contractions (needn’t, can’t, won’t, etc.) should be avoided in academic writing.

Dr Smith, PhD

Perfect clarity and structure

We correct or query awkward phrasing and ambiguity to ensure that your writing is clearly expressed and easy to understand.

I would recommend being more specific here; do the physiological properties of FES systems create a challenging control problem or do they have to solve or address a challenging control problem?

Dr Smith, PhD

Grammar, punctuation and readability

We fix errors related to grammar, punctuation and readability.

When a system, theory, model, or procedure is named after two or more entities, the nouns are conventionally joined using an en dash. The same rule applies whenever the elements of a compound are considered equivalent, so the phrases “parent–child relationship”, “cost–benefit analysis”, etc., use an en dash rather than a hyphen.

Dr Smith, PhD

General feedback and advice

We’ll provide feedback and advice on the composition of the writing, both within the document and in the Editor’s Summary Report (for documents over 3,000 words).

To make sure an abbreviation is consistently applied throughout the document, a useful tip is to search for the term using Control F (Command F on a Mac).

Dr Smith, PhD

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Diction, tone and register

Our editors will amend diction to improve the tone and register of your document. For academic documents, we ensure formality and sophistication. For non-academic documents, we help tailor your choice of words to the document’s purpose and intended audience.

Grammar and punctuation

We’ll proofread your writing to address grammar, punctuation and spelling issues, including incorrect punctuation, misused articles, run-on sentences, inappropriate conjunctions, comma splices, subject–verb agreement issues, dangling modifiers and faulty parallelism.

Syntax and style

We address problems with sentence construction and awkward phrasing to ensure that your writing is coherent and logical. For ESL writers, we focus on correcting problems with idiom and syntax, ensuring that your work reads like that of a native speaker.

Redundancy and wordiness

Conciseness is vital to successful academic writing. Our editors will analyze your writing and correct wordiness, repetition, and redundancy.

Logic and clarity

Logic and clarity are central to successful writing. Our editors directly address such issues whenever possible and provide feedback and guidance when your personal attention is required.

Special requests

We’ll gladly accommodate special requests or requirements. If you have specific style or editorial guidelines you’d like us to use (e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA), please let us know in the order notes.

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