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Our business editors are available 24/7/365 to provide your organisation with fast, affordable, high-quality editing services.

In addition to our academic editors, we have a specialist team of professional editors who focus on working with multinational businesses and organisations.

We regularly receive company reports, financial reports and marketing materials for review. We work with businesses to ensure that their writing is targeted towards their intended audience and free from typos, misspellings and grammatical errors.

If you submit a text to us, we will assign it to an editor with the skills to ensure that your writing is accurate and error-free.

A thorough review of your document

Our team has substantial experience reviewing documents such as:

  • Advertising and marketing communications
  • Annual reports
  • Emails, letters and proposals
  • Leaflets, flyers, brochures, menus and other promotional materials
  • Press releases
  • Websites

Remember, you are protected by our Quality Guarantee. We aim to please—let us know what you need; we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

How we’ll edit and proofread your document

Our experienced editors are available 24/7/365 to rigorously review and comprehensively improve your writing.

Microsoft Word Microsoft Word’s Track Changes

We use Word’s Track Changes feature to highlight our amendments. We have alternative options for other formats, including PDF and LaTeX.

Improved style and appropriate register

We improve your style, diction and tone to ensure that your document is written in the appropriate register.

I’ve changed “needn’t occur” to “is unnecessary” to enhance the formality of the text. In general, contractions (needn’t, can’t, won’t, etc.) should be avoided in academic writing.

Dr Smith, PhD

Perfect clarity and structure

We’ll correct or query awkward phrasing and ambiguity to ensure that your writing is clearly expressed and easy to understand.

I would recommend being more specific here; do the physiological properties of FES systems create a challenging control problem or do they have to solve or address a challenging control problem?

Dr Smith, PhD

Grammar, punctuation and readability

We fix errors related to grammar, punctuation and readability.

When a system, theory, model, or procedure is named after two or more entities, the nouns are conventionally joined using an en dash. The same rule applies whenever the elements of a compound are considered equivalent, so the phrases “parent–child relationship”, “cost–benefit analysis”, etc., use an en dash rather than a hyphen.

Dr Smith, PhD

General feedback and advice

We provide feedback and advice on the composition of the writing, both within the document and in the Editor’s Summary Report (for documents over 3,000 words).

To make sure an abbreviation is consistently applied throughout the document, a useful tip is to search for the term using Control F (Command F on a Mac).

Dr Smith, PhD

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Expert editors from your field

Over 300 editing professionals covering the entire spectrum of academic disciplines.

  • Native English-speaking editors with advanced qualifications from leading global universities
  • Subject-matter experts from your academic discipline or the business world
  • Significant records of achievement in academia or business
A. R., PhD

Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Information Systems

20Years’ Experience

2,109Papers Edited


  • PhD Religion, Syracuse University
    MBA Computer Information Systems, Suffolk University
    MA Philosophy of Religion, Hartford Seminary
    BA Religion, Syracuse University

J. W., MBA

Business, Marketing

20Years’ Experience

3,109Papers Edited


  • MBA Business and Marketing, Keller Graduate School
    BA in English, University of Wisconsin at Parkside

D. L., PhD

Ecology, Rural Development, Biological Sciences

8Years’ Experience

786Papers Edited


  • PhD Ecology, Rutgers University
    MA Rural Development, University of Sussex
    BA Biological Sciences, Mount Holyoke College

H. E., MA

English Language & Linguistics, Medieval & Modern Languages

4Years’ Experience

540Papers Edited


  • MA English Language and Linguistics, University of Westminster
    BA Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford

J. L., JD

Law, Comparative Politics

16Years’ Experience

5,908Papers Edited


  • Juris Doctor, Seton Hall University School of Law
    MSc Comparative Politics (Empire), London School of Economics
    BA Political Science, Bryn Mawr College

J. G., MA (Hons)

Humanities, Social Sciences

10Years’ Experience

795Papers Edited


  • MA Modern Languages (German and Spanish), University of Oxford

E. C., MA

Jurisprudence, Journalism, Law

10Years’ Experience

3,120Papers Edited


  • MA Jurisprudence, University of Oxford
    MA Journalism, University of Salford

V. B., MA

International Relations

6Years’ Experience

512Papers Edited


  • MA International Affairs, George Washington University
    BA International Relations, Syracuse University

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